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Now the time to Blogskins
Assalamualaikum reader
look at my blog? look different right? yap right now im using blogskins
its a little bit difficult using blogskins maybe im not familiar with it
but i try to adapt with it , adapt?-_-
someday i will miss my old blog , the cute pink sweet and feminim berryonaise delight
the most i like from my old blog is my header
i think they are cute xoxoxo XD
always pink and now my blogskins white and simple
i think my new blog look more ripe and cool

i like create a header by photoshop cs5
and this time i will show you my header from the first time i crated this blog until hmmm 1 hours ago-__-

at the first time i can't create header alone so i take freebies header from lettha
For sure at the first time my blog's color is blue , and my blog's name is Blue Valentine kkkk~

and the second is , picture below this! note: created by Nada !
i used this header very long time , maybe because i think this header very cute and nobody wont to made me a header for my blog anymore -___-

But i pleaded to ayaa to made a header for my blog, and she approved that , what ecited i'am at that time >.< and here it is
i think this header very very COOL but the problem is , it cant be in center

After that i start to learn photoshop i tired all this time i always troublesome my friend , im sorry hiks :" so i try to make header and this is  my creation :D

i used the parfum one and cat women :) it just some my simple header :)
ooouh i start to miss my old blog :"
maybe enough for today thanks for reading, i must study for math exam tommorow , wish me luck o:)

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